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The City is now a wide-open field…

Updated: Jun 1, 2020


Pre-coronavirus many companies in the City would have only considered working with PR consultants based in the City. However, the lockdown has profoundly changed all that and very much for the better.

Companies are no longer considering consultancies based on proximity but focusing on qualities such as expertise, knowledge and value for money. With the majority of us working remotely, financial services companies are needing new skills from their PR consultancies:

  • Pivoting PR - strategic advice for a new era

  • Making their communications more relevant to the issues their clients are currently facing

  • Issues and crisis communications management plans needing to be reviewed and in many case rewritten

  • Putting in place communications strategies with greater flexibility to be able to react faster to a changing news cycle next time

I’m also seeing a change in the way companies are using consultancies, including buying in the expertise as needed and individual PR consultants working with in-house teams to put in place new strategies and plans.

This is really good news for the regions and offers a chance for brilliant individuals based around the UK to work together to make a difference to businesses.

Let’s hope this trend continues

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