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How can PR help FinTech companies?


FinTech is driving a period of intense disruption and evolution in the financial services sector, however, FinTech organisations themselves can struggle to gain credibility and build awareness of their offering. There are over 1,600 Fintech firms in the UK, and this is expected to double by 2030. So how can PR help FinTech companies stand out and grow faster?

There are three key areas where PR can help Fintech companies:

1. Build credibility for the company. PR can help FinTech companies tell their story better and to showcase how they can make a difference. This is particularly important for FinTech companies looking for future investment.

PR can be used to articulate the vision and ambition for the company. What is the core of your offering and how you help companies and customers? It can showcase the company’s expertise and credentials. Along with ‘proof-points’ to underpin these core messages.

2. Build awareness of your brand. Many FinTech companies have limited budgets and PR is a very cost-effective way to build recognition of your company and the issues you can solve. This can include tapping into the current news agenda or utilising your own data to find the interesting stories that will engage your audiences.

3. Protect company reputations. PR can be a FinTech’s ‘critical partner’ when it comes to offering an outside voice on company reputation and behaviour. A good PR consultant will offer advice and reputational risk audits on the areas where your company might have weakness’ and can protect your reputation in the face of unexpected criticism.

The work that FinTech companies are doing in UK financial services is changing lives and revolutionising the sector, each FinTech should have the best reputation it can.

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