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Should companies bother talking to journalists?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


Did you go online to read the news this weekend? Or pop out to buy a paper as Oliver Dowden, the culture secretary, suggested?

Whilst the newspaper industry has not been immune from the current crisis, with both national and regional media outlets struggling, the flip side is that many media outlets are reporting a huge rise in traffic to their websites. They are a trusted source of information and they do influence your customer decisions.

This is a good time for many companies, even those who have never thought to speak to the media before, to start to reach out and tell their story. Knowing the media and journalists important to your audiences should be a key part of any communications strategy along with having great content on your website and direct communications to everyone you are trying to reach.


Before talking to the media there are two things you need to consider to have the greatest impact:

1. Know who your audience is; what they are interested in and where they go for information

2. And then do your homework on the journalists and publications. What do they write about? When is a good time to call them? Who are their audience?

There are many great companies that have a really interesting story to tell and yet often it can be the same companies that appear in publications.

If you’re not sure where to start then do get in touch and we can put together a PR toolkit to help you find the stories your company can tell.


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