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PR in one sentence


A quick coffee break experiment

  1. Say out loud what your company does

  2. Did you include a ‘why it matters?’ in that sentence?

  3. Is this wording prominent on your website and across all the literature about your company?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, congratulations you have achieved a really important step in good PR. You may carry on browsing the web for other interesting stuff…

If not, you’re not alone. So many good and interesting companies I have worked with know what they do and why it is so important, but their communication immediately dives into the detail of the company. Their websites, content and press releases are full of really important information, but it is hard for someone new put it in context. You need to do it for them and the simpler the better.

Take a step back and think about

  • what your company does

  • how you do it

  • and why it matters. What important outcome or value can your company add?

To ensure your PR is really successful your audience (be it customers or journalists) need to remember that message. Once you have got that buy-in then you can really engage and start showing off the other fab things your company can do.

What, how and why.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Louisebcomms can add value to your business by providing PR services which promote what your company does, ensuring maximum engagement and awareness across your audiences.

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