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New service: A review of financial service companies’ communications strategy


How your clients make financial decisions and what they want to hear from financial providers has changed.


In conversations over the past few weeks it has become clear that many financial companies are having to review their PR strategies; they no longer seem fit for purpose in today’s environment and in some cases are woefully out of kilter with the clients they need to engage with.

I can review your company communications plan and update your PR strategy to protect and promote your company’s reputation. My goal is to deliver communication strategies which win the hearts and minds of your clients and soon to be clients; Engaging your workforce; your true brand ambassadors; Building community and stakeholder engagement.

If you are a Corporate Communications Director or Head of PR and any of the following applies to your organisation, I can offer a Communication Plan Review & Refresh:

  • How can our organisation make our communications strategy more relevant to the issues that our clients are currently facing?

  • Our organisations issues and crisis communications management plans are out of day and need to be reviewed and rewritten

  • How can I put in place a communications strategy with greater flexibility to be able to react faster to a changing news cycle next time?

  • I need to provide my PR agency with a new brief and just do not have time to write it.

At Louisebcomms we love having these conversations and helping financial companies understand and help their clients better.

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