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How to Recover Fast from the Pandemic

The PRCA #Covidcommslessons taskforce has shared the wisdom of global leaders on how the public relations and communications industry can improve post-crisis. Read below for my thoughts. With thanks to the PRCA for including Louisebcomms in the report.


How can the public relations and communications industry improve post-crisis and capitalize on opportunities?

Now is the time to work together in collective collaboration to break down old silos. It would be great to see agencies working much more collaboratively with other agencies and individual public relations and communication practioners.

You can never be an expert in everything so get to know those that are and share collective knowledge to offer best advice to clients. The PRCA has a vital role in facilitating and fostering this collaboration.

If we seek out the innovators; the reputation managers; the employee engagement specialists and the creative writers who are the best in their field of specialism, we can help our clients be better companies and employers. This includes looking outside of London to get a broader viewpoint of PR consultants across the UK.

Public relations has never confined to just one section of a business, it applies across the corporate strategy; across every employee getting on board as a company’s brand ambassadors and a company website being a starting point of conversations with new and existing clients.

We also need to take on board the broader spectrum of specialists. In my role I have the privilege of getting to work with some of the best CEOs, strategists, journalists, marketeers, content writers, sales experts and SEO experts there are.

You have to work in partnership with those you are working with, particularly with your clients (they know their company better than anyone), trust in each other’s strengths and listen to good advice.

A great PR strategy is only as good as those that you work with to deliver it and the partnerships you build. Work with the best.

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