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Communications in tough times, it all comes down to being human

(and remembering your audience is too)


Many business owners don’t just want their business to succeed and be profitable, but genuinely want to give their customers the best possible products and service. But it can be hard to tell this story and get the right cut through.

Here are four tips to help companies communicate better during a pandemic.

1. Take a fresh look at your website. Better still get a friend, who’s not in your industry or sector, to look at your website and ask do they understand what your company does; do they find the information on the site useful and easy to navigate? Having a website blind spot is a common problem for many companies and the result is potential customers leaving your site.

2. Be human. In times of panic people can make bad decisions. Remembering to treat each other with niceness and kindness should be a central plank of your ‘company purpose’ and the way you communicate with your audiences. The decisions your company makes now will be remembered long after this crisis is.

3. Keep your customers excited and delighted. Whether your audience is the public or other businesses, your communications must keep their attention. Be it the content or the way it is delivered, you will get a better reaction if you entertain them, even whilst educating them. Use films and pictures, not just words.

4. Keep it simple. My inbox has recently been inundated with long and worthy Covid-19 related emails from CEOs of big companies using argon and corporate-speak. I’m sure what they have to say is super valid and worthwhile, but it’s so long-winded the message gets lost. Less is more if you want to get cut through in today’s crazy world. There is a reason the government likes to stick to six-word slogans.


If you would like an impartial friend to help your company with any of the above contact

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