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Five books for a post-lockdown world

I’m finding some organisations, as well as friends and family, are struggling with their vision and purpose in post lockdown world. So here are the five fab books I’ve found myself turning to again and again for inspiration and reassurance over the past few weeks.


The Simplicity principle. Julia Hobsbawm

I just love this book and the way it cuts through much of life’s mess to get to the core of what matters. One of the central points is having a purpose leads to clarity in both your personal and professional life. This has particularly resonated with me over the last few months. And I think it’s why I enjoy working with entrepreneurial companies so much; they have a clear vision and purpose which gives them clarity and energy.


Resonate. Nancy Duarte

For anyone who has sat through a really dull webinar or PowerPoint presentation recently, then you might like to buy the presenter this book for their next birthday. It shows how to present visual stories to really engage an audience. Duarte looks at why you must really know your audience; how to create S.T.A.R moments; hop down from your tower and wean yourself from the slides. One for all of us to remember.


Building a story brand. Donald Miller

This book is a great for any company wanting to know where to start with storytelling to grow its business. I find myself re-reading it when I want to test a client’s messaging and ensure it is the most effective it can be to allow audiences to engage with it. Similar to The Simplicity Principle it comes down to clarity of message (I’m sensing a theme here…).


Reputation Management. Tony Langham

Having worked with Tony for over 20 years I know how good he is and this book provides first-hand experience on why companies should care; what reputation entails and why it now needs to be at the heart of corporate life. The guest essays from the likes of Helena Morrissey, Anthony Horowitz to Kamal Ahmed are inspiring.


The meaning of things. A.C. Grayling

A friend gave me this book and it is a beautiful read for anyone who needs enlightenment or reassurance about the possibilities for our careers and futures in a world that doesn’t quite feel the same. Grayling covers prudence, nationalism and hope along with many other topics in this guide to what life could be.

I'd be keen for other recommendations that could help us personally or professionally in a post-lockdown world?

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