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A communications strategy for your company’s ‘return to work’


This week we are expecting the Government to set out how companies can re-open and employees can start going back to work.

We couldn’t plan into the lock-down but all companies should be planning out of it and they will need to communicate their new strategy.

Most companies will have at least one of the following objectives at the core of its communications:

  • To show that it is putting people over profits and safety first

  • Make people aware of any changes in the service it offers

  • Employee buy-in on new work practices and Corona workplace etiquette

If a company gets any of the above wrong it will quickly become a reputation management issue. But if a company gets it right it will build engagement and trust from its audiences and get back on track quicker.

And there are some companies who have been genuinely innovating throughout this crisis and now is the time for those organisations to have a bigger voice on how they are creating innovative solutions to the new problems we are facing.

Below are some thoughts on how best to communicate to your clients, employees and the media the changes your company is making.

For customers and the media:

  • Have a clear strategy on what you want to say and who to

  • Less is more if you want your audiences to hear your message

  • Be clear, informative and consistent across all channels

  • Explain why you are making the changes and where they add value

  • Problem solve, don’t sell, now is not the time

For employees:

  • Ensure any new policy communications show leadership and clarity of thinking

  • Be clear on what you expect from employees and the new Corona workplace etiquette

  • Think about the channels of communication and how quickly employees have adapted to new technology, don’t try to ‘return to normal’ and drop these


We are adapting to new situations and new channels of communications, but at the heart of your company PR strategy should be clear and informative messaging targeted to your audiences in the best way.

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