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Look for inspiration in new places


Sometimes it is good to look outside your sector to see what others are advocating and recommending. As PR professionals we also need to have a broader understanding of the marketing, SEO and website mix if we are going to offer best consultancy to our clients.

One of my favourite sources for the latest marketing updates is Business Marketing Online Ltd (BMON). They work with companies in the engineering, scientific and other technical sectors.

The daily tips on Google Ads, marketing, website design are often simple but effective and help me think of solutions for clients in a new way to keep offering the best PR advice and to see the big picture.

Some useful tips that have worked for me:

1. Free backlink checking tools

SEO specialists will usually have a range of paid-for tools in their armoury, most likely including ‘backlink checkers’, justifying the cost of these can be hard for smaller companies, but there are free tools which can do at least part of the job


2. The best webinar platforms

I suspect that it’s going to become a valuable skill to be able to make sales presentations on a range of platforms. In particular, it should be second nature to a skilled presenter to be able to flick over to slides, on-screen resources or separate video feeds. Do you need to put some training in place?

We’re going to run through some of the best webinar marketing platforms available right now to get your own webinar strategy up and running.


3. Improving your Youtube channel

A new section on YouTube called simply How YouTube Works has some interesting insights for users of the almost ubiquitous video site. From a marketing aspect, I homed in immediately on the section about search, looking for more insight as to how that works. With over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, search is essential.

4. Effective meetings online

A great technique here is to replace any plain item headings on the agenda with a statement as to why that item is being discussed. And get that agenda out early!

The full details can be found here if you ever need inspiration

Let me know where you go for PR and marketing inspiration

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